Oshki Gijigad (New Day)—Inpatient Services

This is our home. We welcome you.

Individuals seeking a safe place to overcome painful dependencies (and their often even more painful consequences) will find it here. New Day provides a treatment environment that is safe and secure so that individuals feel loved and accepted. This improves the individual's sense of self-respect which leads to better treatment outcomes.

Oshki Gijigad (New Day) is a residential facility located in a country setting, half a mile from the Village of L'Anse.  

New Day has nearly 30 years of experience providing Substance Abuse Services for Native Americans living in the Bemidji Region (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the northern part of Illinois) as well as non-natives living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We provide education for the residential treatment program using films, slides, tapes and discussion sessions. Native ceremonies, crafts, and outings are incorporated into all aspects of therapy.

Admissions & Forms

The Intake Process

We have an Admissions/Screening procedure that will be necessary to complete before being assigned an intake day.  This procedure includes:
• a physical (download from this page)
• TB skin test
• a communicable disease statement from a doctor a list of current medications (that must not be a narcotic, sedative or other abusable substance- we have a list of acceptable/ unacceptable meds included)
• if the prospective client has been in a mental health facility or recently been involved in serious mental health care, a statement from a health care professional stating that at this time the prospective client isn’t a harm to self or others may be required
• photo id
• tribal id, if applicable (Descendants must acquire a proof of descendancy paper from their tribe)
• copy of insurance cards
• screening with admission intake worker at New Day Potential clients also may have to get an AODA assessment done by a referral source. Michigan residents with medicaid will have to get assessment done by Northcare (906)225-7222 with prior approval to get screened for residential treatment.
• funding sources will be worked out with the admission intake worker
• must have 3 full days clean and sober prior to admission  

Following a successful screening for Appropriateness and Eligibility for our Inpatient program, an Intake Day will be assigned.  

On Intake Day, a potential client will arrive and go directly to the Unit Manager's Office for further instruction. The ride of the potential client will be asked to stay until a series of questions are asked of the potential client, should the potential client not satisfactorily answer the questions, he/she will be asked to leave New Day.  

The intake process will begin as follows:
• Client will sign a consent to treat
• Client will be shown the boundaries and be provided with information to point out emergency exits and equipment
• Client will complete Intake Paperwork including registration
• Client will be given a folder with testing as well as a Client Data Questionnaire, New Day House Rules and Policies, pamphlets with various information including Know Your Rights
• Within the next week Orientation Groups will be given to introduce the client to our program

New Day handicap-friendly entrance

Download the physical examination form here:

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Oshki Gijigad (New Day)—Location & Directions

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Located at the foot of the Keweenaw Bay, L'Anse, Michigan is easily accessible from Highway 41.

16025 Brewery Road, L'Anse, MI 49946